Illustration by Jake Dwyer

On the Design of Medication Labels and Electronic Health Records

#Design #Quiz — How often should you take this medication?

You should take 1 capsule by mouth every day, right?

You actually should take 1 capsule by mouth every day.

It’s a clear example of how typography matters for health, as I have shared before in a previous post.

#Design #Quiz — Is the result of this test positive or negative?

Did you assume that the result was negative based on the mobile view? It was actually positive!

First let’s look at the Mobile display:

Now let’s look at the Desktop Display, which was slightly more interpretable but still has issues:

To me this is a frightening example of how bad design can lead to medical errors. The provider assumes a negative result, the patient is never notified, and the opportunity for proper followup and treatment is delayed, leading to adverse long-term consequences for the patient.

This is a major healthcare #design #fail.

The next time you look at the design of your mobile or computer screen, think about its implications for patients and providers. There clearly is a greater need for focus on the design of Electronic Health Record!

Joyce Lee, MD, MPH, Physician, Designer, Researcher. #learninghealthsystems; #design for #ai; and the maker movement