If you are interested in design, here is a recommended reading list that I have curated over the years from a variety of designers/explorations on the web/resource lists. By no means have I read all of these books but maybe someday! The order does not imply a hierarchy of value…


I was honored to contribute to an article in the Fast Company Innovation by Design 2021 Issue, talking about what I think is the most urgent matter facing designers today: The design of data in healthcare

Here is what I wrote:

If there is anything that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it is that data is critical for healthcare decision-making and public health planning. There isn’t a day when every major website or news publication doesn’t present the latest statistics on COVID-19 disease rates and…

As you know, I am totally fascinated by ketchup and sign design.

The design of this ketchup bottle created because of:

A. A careless labeling job at the Heinz factory!
B. It needed a sign to fix a major design flaw!
C. A really brilliant marketing campaign!

The answer is here.

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Disclosures: T1D Exchange, Grant funding from Lenovo.

Image by Jacob Dwyer

Pillpack vs. Proteus

I saw this tweet by Christina Farr.

I wholeheartedly agree! This tweet reminds me of a post that I wrote back in 2014 focused on design to support medication adherence. I compared two very different products, Pillpack vs. Proteus.

Proteus Digital Health

Here is the current description of the Proteus product from…


45 pages, 1,000 questions, 18,000 words

In 2015, citizens in the state of Michigan seeking public benefits had to fill out this application form (DHS-1171), administered by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS).

How successful do you think you would be at filling the above form out? The absurdity of the form is overwhelming.

We literally would have people who had a Ph.D. …

Doctor as Designer

Joyce Lee, MD, MPH, Physician, Designer, Researcher. #learninghealthsystems; #design for #ai; and the maker movement http://www.doctorasdesigner.com/

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